Le Pili non ricaricabili video 1


In this video, we show that it is possible charging Non Recharge batteries !
The video shows that the supply voltage at the shooting range Non rechargeable battery low cost.
Thus, in just 5 minutes, the battery is ready to wark.
An important factor is that when charging the battery, it is heated to only 36 degrees, and it is a big plus, as it allows to remove the expensive cooling equipment, which is now used Tesla and other electric vehicles.

Using our device of energy transfer from the source drive, network or another, we are able to transfer a huge amount of amps and thus through our system, you can now use a simple rechargeable batteries are not to be used as a super capacitor.

One small rechargeable battery can not be adopted without overheating and damage, up to 10 amperes per second, 1000 is not simple rechargeable battery has a capacity of more than 10,000 amperes per second, and gradually give the received energy for an hour or more (as a normal battery), which makes it an ideal tool as a super capacitor!

Many developers are working to create a powerful super capacitor, which would have been able at one point to take a huge amount of energy and gradually th issue, but the results are not udovletvorimy!
Today only able to develop super capacitors capacity of not more than 2000 F but does not allow their characteristics to be used as a battery, as a single point super capacitor can take a tremendous number of amperes but fails to give this energy slowly.